Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 2 - Slipcover Project

Unexpected company today delays my trip to get the fabric and supplies a day, but I did sign up for the mailing list for Jo-Ann's on the internet.

The best news of all is that the sewing machine works beautifully! It's out of its case and behaving like a pro on the sewing test on a cloth napkin (It's pitiful that I don't even have a single scrap of fabric to practice on yet!)--so that's a wonderful--and unexpectedly happy development! TA DA! I ripped the test stitches out of the napkin and returned it to the laundry. No harm done. Frugal, baby! That's me.

The initial Shopping List looks something like this:

1) cheap muslin for stapling onto the chair covering the print that may show through (Online Fabrics has this for $2.15/yd for 59-inch material)

2) staple gun and staples (may have this in garage--I know I saw one when looking for something else)

3) permanent press muslin, natural color, 45-inch wide fabric. Roclon has it for $3.30/yd online for the 45". I wanted 60" but 45 might work just fine. Going to pick up a coupon for it and compare local price to this. Get enough for slipcover, ruffle, and piping

4) pins--$3.30 online, Dritz--have some in old pin cushion in garage, too.

5) paper for pattern (butcher paper? craft paper?), $20-$30 for a large roll of 30-in online.

6) poly/cotton thread in white.

7) cord for piping--Simplicity piping cord $5 online, 12 yds, 3/16" diameter. Will need more than one.

8) do-it-yourself buttons for back--though I may wait to see the best size after I am further along - Etsy lists some beautiful natural cotton/linen covered buttons for $15 for 18 buttons. They are in a couple of different sizes, but enough of the same size for the back of the chair and some to make some coordinating pillows with smaller matchers. Sounds good and at least I know something like this is available.

9) extra sewing machine needles (you never know--I can be a wild woman at the machine)

I had forgotten the basic Singer sewing machine has the arm piece that makes sewing inside sleeves, etc., much easier. Nice!

Loving it,


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