Sunday, February 12, 2012

We'll See. But I Think I Can Do This!

I've had this small wing-back chair (pictured below) for a long time. It doesn't look so bad from a distance, or in a very dark room, but it's been here in our attic taking up valuable storage space too long. It either needs a purpose or to leave the premises right away! Meanwhile, I really would love a slipcovered chair like the one in the photo above to use in my sunroom and also as an extra in the dining room. And I think I can do this. The tutorial is very clear, so I'm hopeful that magic can occur.

To turn this poor sad chair with frayed and filthy dirty arms into a beauty that can earn her keep around the house I'll need to buy some permanent press muslin from my local fabric shop, JoAnn's, or from a discount fabric department at our local Michael's or Walmart.

Screeching to a halt already!

No fabric in the house, yet. I disposed of everything when we moved. Plus, I haven't used the sewing machine since we moved to this house either, nearly 5 years ago now, and have no idea if it even works or needs an overhaul before I can begin my project.

And, well, we do have dinner plans with friends and first I'll need to whip up a fancy dancy dessert to take along. See, this is why the chair has been in the attic all this while. It's the getting started part!

Well, TOMORROW, the first day of the rest of my life, I pledge to take a shopping list and "go-get" it all!

Now that's better. I will not let inclination to procrastinate get in the way of progress. Today, I will (1) make up my shopping list and (2) test the sewing machine and (3) clean the fabric already on the chair. I will report back. But, isn't this white slipcover absolutely DARLING? And don't you love the little table with tablecloth next to it? Me too!

Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Sue,
    I love the size of your wingback chair. I am on the hunt for 2 the exact same size. Their size makes them so versatile for so many different uses. Best of luck. I am now following your blog, can't wait to see the final reveal!
    My Best.

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your note. I was away having a great time vacationing in Disney World with some of our family and then re-entry threw me for a loop. Why? No reason that it should have, but here I am 3 weeks later just checking in!! LOL!

    I am starting to get inspired again and hoping to return to my "big" little chair project. I like its size too. In fact a second one would be awesome to have in my sunroom along with this one. This was a sample chair used in a touristy log cabin village of gift shops. The shop was selling it when the owner was moving to another location and she sold it to me for a mere $75. It was brand new then, so it was a pretty great find. I recently saw slipcovers similar to the ones in this photo made from drop cloths. I think I will investigate the feel of new drop cloths to see if they compare well to the permanent press muslin. But not too much thinking and comparing! It's time to get it done!!! Thanks for following me. I will try to not let you waft in the breeze waiting for something new to appear!!!