Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Does Not Unfold In A Straight Line

Birthday parties here and afar put progress on the craft at hand on "Pause" temporarily.  We've been buying, wrapping, traveling, and partying our little hearts out for a week! 

Today, the sun is rising earlier and we are waking up with the daylight for our biking and walking.  All is back to quasi-normal.  There is no plan for any party today or in the upcoming week and it will probably take me the better part of the morning to drink my juice and take my vitamins--I keep getting distracted with ideas.  But that's the normal I like.  So--Hooray!   Back to it.

New projects are backing up--so excited about so many things to do.   

Since the sewing machine works so well, I want to make new seats and backs for director's chairs that I've been dying to use for years.  Going to look at my Pinterest ideas for patio furniture to look at colors.   I can use the old canvas as the pattern for their replacements. The real thing that's holding me back today is money for new fabric.  In a few days, there will be a fabric shopping spree!  

Also want to get the fabric for the slip cover that I've already begun.  It's pictured below.  That's going to be so satisfying when it is completed. There is no new progress on that project.  Also awaiting fabric funding.  And when company came to visit I made the error of moving the sewing machine into the bedroom.  I truly believed I would sew there, but alas, it's out of sight and out of mind.  So it's going back into the sunroom.  Today.  

I want to use some scrap fabric to made more large pillow cases for our king-sized pillows that we were lucky enough to get from the Borgata during a pillow give-away last year.  I saw some adorable fabric cases (See the link here) that gave me the inspiration to try some colorful cases on my own. 

And I've gotten pizza boxes to cover hopefully in a fabric that I've already used in the room.  Do have to see if that's possible.  The pizza boxes will be mounted on the wall at the back of a very high alcove that's in our dining area of the great room.  The idea came from Pinterest.  Here's the link if you want to check out how easy this is to do.  Aren't they awesome in the picture above?  Pizza boxes!  Who will ever know that?

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